/ It’s a place that doesn’t exist.

In this place things grow and happen.

It’s a field.

/ It’s a news.

A response to changing needs.

It’s a new degree.

/ It’s a shared vision.

About knowledge that becomes actions.

It’s the missing piece.


Yard64 is an independent and integrated creative agency, specialising in the fashion, design, education, and lifestyle sectors. Founded in 2017, Yard64 operates from offices in London, Milano, New York and Seoul.

/Creative Strategies

Yard64 believes in creative strategies that make the difference. From the early stage to the execution. Yard64 can build.


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/Public Relations

Yard64 can increase awareness to effectively enhance brand reputation and strong media relations. Yard 64 can talk for you.


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/Digital Media

Yard64 creates social channels cause believe in peoples interaction. Yard64 can make connections.


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/Content Creation

Yard64 trusts the power of sharing knowledge, conversations and ideas. Yard64 knows how to tell your story.


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London UK – Maverick Yard
Milano Italy – Gianni Fontana
New York USA – Karl Edwin Guerre
Seoul South Korea – Hayeon Kim